Welcome to my website! I am currently a DPhil (PhD) candidate in the department of economics at the University of Oxford and a lecturer in microeconomics a St Hugh's College. In the next academic year, I will be starting as a postdoctoral researcher in behavioural and experimental economics with a joint appointment at Sciences Po and the Paris School of Economics.

Email: itzhak.rasooly [at] economics.ox.ac.uk



The non-linear effect of descriptive social norms (with Jesper Åkesson, Rena Conti, Robert Hahn and Robert Metcalfe).


Fatalism, Beliefs, and Behaviors During the COVID-19 Pandemic (with Jesper Åkesson, Sam Ashworth-Hayes, Robert Hahn and Robert Metcalfe). Journal of Risk and Uncertainty (forthcoming).



Competitive equilibrium and the double auction (my third DPhil paper)


Race and redistribution (with Jesper Åkesson, Robert Hahn and Robert Metcalfe)

An experimental study of discrimination (based on my MPhil thesis)

Learning how to bid (with Bernhard Kasberger)

A theory of social norms (with Roberto Rozzi)


Since 2018, I have taught the following modules to the first and second year economics undergraduates at St Hugh’s College, Oxford:

  • Preliminary microeconomics (first year course)

  • Microeconomics (second year course)

You can read some teaching evaluations here.